Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Got a new addition - Phoenixtech TT360!

I had wanted to get a Phoenixtech 450 PRO which is a 450-sized helicopter but using torque-tube (TT) instead of belt. Then I saw the launch of the Phoenixtech 360TT which is a stretched version of the 450-sized using a 360mm blades with torque tube! (The 450 sized is using only 325mm blades). So i got this baby instead!

I haven't assembled it yet as I just received it a day ago. It's full metal head, with a carbon fibre body and a fibre-glass canopy. There are 2 possible configurations to fly this:

1) Fly it with a 3-cell (3S) lipo batt. But I will need a high KV brushless motor, about 4400KV and with 325mm blades instead of 360mm ones.

2) Fly it with a 4-cell (4S) lipo batt. I will need a 3000KV motor capable of running at 4S voltage and with 360mm blades.

I guess i will go with option 2 since i already am flying my other 450 sized helicopters with 3S. That means, I have to get myself a couple of 4S lipo batts cause I don't have any at the moment.

Some more pics of the TT360 below:

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