Friday, September 19, 2008

My Hangers!

I had collected so many RC aircraft over the last 2 years since i started into this hobby and they are just sitting all over my room and movements had been restrictive for months. My wife had been making more noise than my 'noisest' motor i can find so i decided to do something about it.

I scouted our local DIY furniture store, IKEA a little and came across some shelving which gave me some ideas. I got a couple of glassed shelving for my helis and for my planes, i just got some cheaper metal 'wall supports'.

My hanger for my helis. (My T-rex is still under repair at the time of writing...)

My hanger for my planes.

Not sure for how long more before i have to add more shelvings looks pretty filled up already now... :p

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Post Mortem - Why my Funjet lost control and power during flight....

Ok guys, I got back my funjet from Andrew last night and did some analysis on why it lost power completely during flight.

First up : What is still working? Well, amazingly, the servos, receiver, and even the ESC were still working. The battery was definitely a gone case. It had bloated to about twice it's original size and i dispose it immediately for obvious safety reason. The ESC seems to be working but it does not emits anymore initialising sound when the battery is connected. So this makes it impossible to program from the TX in future. Also, when i tested flight later with the same esc, it does not seem to generate constant rpm to the motor. So it's better that i decommission the esc as well.

And now, here's the reason why the plane lost complete power : I bought an Align motor 2 days before I lost my plane. The align motor looks like an inrunner motor but in fact, it is an 'outrunner in a can' motor. Meaning, it is actually an outrunner motor but it is 'housed' in a tin can.

Unfortunately, the so-called 'tin-can cover' was not sealed properly (see pic). It was not a 'screwed on' type but rather looked like it was tight-fit pressed. So during the flight, the cover came loose and popped out from the tin-can. This caused the entire back part of the tin-can to rotate instead, coiling up the motor wires, which in turn coils up the ESC and this effect pulls the esc connector out from the receiver, hence cutting all power to the receiver!

Lessons learnt: Don't buy Align motors!!! Or re-seal the can cover before use!
As the wires to the motor have been coiled up beyond repair, I have disposed it last night. ($69 down the drain...)

My Funjet found!!!

Guess what? After 2 weeks later, one of my flying buddy, Andrew decided to put on his military no. 4 pants, boots and armed with a no. 6 golf iron, went into the thick vegetation again to try his luck. Walah! After about 20 mins, he found it!!! The condition of the plane is still good, but unfortunately, the electronics is probably a gonna! (See pics!)

But hey, i am not complaining! It's back and i am happy! But unfortunately, i had already paid deposit for my new funjet at the local hobby shop before that...

I am very very grateful to Andrew Ee for helping me find it! :-)

I will do a most mortem to see what was the cause of the lost of power....

I lost my Funjet in the woods!

Damnit! I lost my beloved funjet in the woods on early August 08! I was flying it with a couple of flyers when suddenly, it lost complete power (and control) and it just decended right into a thick vegetation some 400 meters away! There were no control and no power out of a sudden! A couple of my buddies went into the thick vegetation to try and search for it but as the vegetation was so tall and thick, it was almost impossible to walk around!! We gave up after a couple of hours of search....

Damn, I only have had less than 5 flights on that bird and even had installed a new Align motor on it! :-( :-( :-(