Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Engine for my Monster!

For some reasons, my stock HPI engine for my monster truck cracked at the engine housing and it cannot be started again. I went to TaiSing and got myself the Nosram (LRP) RS.30 engine as a replacement. Wow! This engine is awesome and packs a lot of punch! It's a 4.9CC engine and gives our 4.12HP at 33.500rpm!

My Hopped up Savage X 4.6!

Just realised I have never posted up pictures of my hopped up Savage. So here are a few!

My Hopped up Savage X 4.6

On road tires and rims, alloy upper and lower arms.

Alu front bumper, big bore shocks. Alloy C-hubs.

Aluminium rear bumper. Alloy upper and lower rear arms.
Big Bore shocks, Alloy C-hubs.

STS Tune Pipe

LED Front lights, CCFL body lines.

LED rear lights

Recent back to RC Nitro Car craze again!

Recently I am back to nitro car craze again. It all started 2 months back when I decided to take out my Savage X after shelving it for almost >6 months to try and start the engine again. A new flyer who recently joined our group saw my monster truck was so facinated and amaze at my fully blinged up Monster truck has probably lose sleep just by thinking about my truck. He went online and found someone selling a Savage X and decided to get it.

As this was his first RC nitro truck, naturally he came to me for advice on the tuning and setup of the truck. And over a couple of weeks of helping him, I sort of got hooked back again into RC Nitro cars again.

Since then I have bought a new engine for my Monster Truck (Nosram RS.30) and also bought a new engine also for my Hobao Hyper ST (STS D28M).

A picture of me starting my Hyper ST! :-)