Monday, August 30, 2010

New body shell

Bought a new body shell for my Hyper ST. It was a clear type body shell and you have spray colours on it to make it your own. Decals are provided though.

This is my very first attempt at spray painting a body shell. Got some advice my a fellow RC member on how to spray paint. I decided to play 'safe' and use only a single colour scheme instead of multiple colours as I was not sure how it would turn out.

Decided to use a bright colour for better visibility and hence YELLOW was chosen.
I bought a small can of PS yellow colour paint and a white colour. I sprayed the entire can onto the inside of the bodyshell, using the spray-dry-spray again method, as this add several coats of paint on it. Then finally use the white to add as the protection cost on it.

The result came out pretty good. Below is the complete body shell with decals.

And below is how my Hyper ST looks with the new body shell! :-)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our RC group!

Some members of our RC group.

Their 'rides' up close...

Savage X4.6 wheelie

This is how a properly tuned HPI Savage X4.6 can do... wheelies!
This is my friend's Isham's Savage after he has properly tuned it up! Man, this thing kicks some ass!

Into Nitro Trucks & Buggies!

Recently my group started the craze on nitro trucks and buggies. I am no exception and have been 'poisioned' by the group. A few of them started buying the Thunder Tiger SSK V2 Nitro Monster Truck. It's a 1/10 scale 4WD monster truck with a Pro-18BX pull-start engine.

It ran pretty well, but the quality is really an issue. Almost each ran, something is either loose or damage. For example, after a couple of runs, I realized the differential gear grub screws became loose and it became a 2 WD truck, which is almost impossible to drive. Then I discovered there were leakage at the engine only to find out that the screws which held the engine gasket together were loose! After that, the 2 speed gears worn out quickly... :-(

A few of the guys gave up with the SSK V2, some of them even sold them off into the 2nd hand market. Then 3 of the guys started to buy the clone version of the famous Baja. It's a 1/5 scale buggy, which ran on gasoline. It's really huge and loud as well! I was tempted at first but held back due to the high cost. Up till today, I have never regretted not getting the Baja. The size and weight of it is really an issue with me. And the most turn-off factor for me is that it is only a 2WD! Sure, the baja is really fast on a drag-race, but they have a hard time negotiating corners and turns as it would skids out of control on sandy tarmac ground. And one grass lands, the baja would also get stuck on uneven terrains again due to the lack of 4WD power.

Then another guy told me that he was intending to buy the HPI Savage X4.6 as there was an offer discount going on. I decided and went down that path instead.

Man! I have never regretted getting the Savage X4.6. This monster truck is a 1/8 scale nitro powered 4WD monster truck. It is using a 4.6 big block engine producing 3HP of pure power. It uses a rotor start (provided as a package) so no more yanking and pulling with the pull start! Once properly tuned, this monster can do wheelies and even a stationary back flip as only a powerful HPI Savage can! The quality is miles better than the SSK, using robust materials.

You can see the short video of my Savage runs below:

Then one day, I came across a post in the local hobby forum that one of the forumer wanted to trade-in his Hopao Hyper ST buggy for a helicopter. I contacted him and offered to trade in my Thunder Tiger Mini-Titan 450-sized RC Helicopter for his buggy. Basically I gave him the helicopter kit, with cyclic servos, a Align GP-750 gyro, Futaba 9257 tail servo, Scorpion 2221-8 brushless 3600KV motor, 2 extra pairs of fibreglass blades, 1 extra canopy, 2 2200mah 25C lipo packs and all the whole bunch of spares I had. I would say it's a damn good deal for him too!

The picture below is the actual buggy I got as a trade-in. Whilst the condition is not really that good, body shell where torn, tx had missing antenna. What's most important were that the engine condition were good. It had a OS V-SPEC engine on it which is supposed to be a tournament type engine. Although I did not have the chance to test run it, I took the risk and traded in anyway.

On that weekend, I borrowed Loo's box starter and started it. It ran pretty well, but some tuning had to be performed as the buggy obviously hadn't been running for a while already.
I also planned to change a couple of stuff on this buggy to improve it's condition:

1) New Air filter
2) New receiver hump pack
3) New Glow Plug
4) New body shell

Now, with 3 road vehicles, I am also having 3 different transmitters, one for each of them. It's too much to carry around. Moreover, these were only very basic trannys, and lacking features which can help improve the drive-ability of the vehicles.

So my next quest, was to go and seach for a suitable tx which can accommodate multiple models and uses 2.4ghz transmitting frequency. As I was looking around for tx, my friend, Isham recommended me to get the Spectrum DX3 which is a 2.4 ghz tx, with 10 model memory and also offers telementry options. The price of the Tx was around S$370 but each of the rx would cost >$130 for telementry features and abt $85 for non telementry ones.

Now prior to Isham's recommendations, I had seen another friend's tx and it was the Futaba 3PK. He was using it for his Hyper 7 buggy. I had the opportunity to carry it in my palm before and the weight felt just right. The quality also looked much better as compared to the plastic-looking Spectrum DX3. Although the 3PK didn't have telementry features. it did however, offer a feature which is not available on the DX3 - removable module. You see, what I wanted was to have a TX with a removable module so that I can put in an Assan 2.4ghz module instead. The Assan receiver are much cheaper (only around $33 for a 6 channel one!). So the running cost would be lower in long run, if my models increase in future. So I guess, my choice was clear. It's gonna be a Futaba Megatech 3PK! :-)