Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I just ordered a Lynx XF! :;-)

Woohoo, i got poisoned by my 'wingman' Simon who convinced me to get a Lynx XF EDF together with him from flying hobby.

Can't wait for this baby to arrive. Might want to do a conversion to pusher prop config!

I want a FunJet!

Quite a few of my flying buddies started racing their funjet in the skies recently. It looks like so much fun, with all that adrenalin pumping speed. I want one too! But unfortunately, they are out of stock in our local hobby stores. Shipment expected to arrive by end July 08.

Well, until then, I will have to stick to my mugi. :)

Crashed both my helis

Damn! I crashed both my helis over the weekend! On Sat, I was trying to prolong my invert hover when for some distracted reasons, I pushed my throttle stick upwards (instead of down) and the heli slammed straight to the ground while in inverted position! Then on Sun evening, I was trying to do a pyro flip with my Mini-Titan when I lost orientation and it too crashed to the ground!

Damage Report
1) Trex
Main Gear, main shaft, main blades, side frames, bottom plate, boom, skids

2) Mini-T
Main Gear, main shaft, main blades, linkage rods, skids

Damnit! Now i have 2 birds to fix before weekend comes again!