Friday, November 2, 2012

Photos of our recent fun-fly!

Below are some of the photos taken during our recent fun-fly!

Benny helping to launch a funjet
Nathan's Balsa
Me flying my funjet

Something went wrong with Han's Blizzard during flight

Chasing another plane with my funjet! :-)

Nathan hovering his quad

A UFO? No, it's Nathan's Quadcopter!

Quad engine foamie. This thing is HUGE!

Jimmy launching his glider

The JR11X, one of the best Tx around!

Kevin preparing his plane...

All eyes in the sky!

Sara helping to launch a fellow flyer's plane.

Checking if the car is male or female? LOL!

Father and Son bonding time!

My Nitro BMW M3!

We playing everything. RC planes, RC Helicopters, RC Quadcopters, even RC Cars!

Nathan and Sundrum with their prize possession!

Getting ready to ROG!

Vijay hovering his 3D. One of the best 3D hoverer among us!

Oh oh... 

Benny checking out the FPV (First Person Vision) of Nathan's Quad

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