Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My latest addition! A TRex 500 Clone! (JY500)

After flying 450-sized helis for 3 years, I finally 'upgraded' and got myself a TRex-500 clone. It's called the JY500. I bought this from, a local online hobby e-store. It's a replication of the famous T-Rex500 (Carbon Fibre) Edition. It completely identical in every way to the original Align one but this is like 3 time cheaper!

It's a full metal head assembly, carbon fibre frame and a fibre-glass canopy.
It does not come with any manual but this was not really a problem as i can simply download the Align's TRex500 manual and use it to assemble the heli since it is an exact replication.

First impression is that a 500-sized heli is substantially larger than a 450-sized heli. I mean, this thing is huge in my opinion! I should have taken a shot by putting my 250, 450 and 500-sized heli together so that the size comparison can be seen.

My electronic setup are as follows :
Cyclic Servos : Hitech HS5245MG
Rudder Servo : Futaba 9254
Gyro : Align GP750
Motor : Scorpion HK3026 - 1600KV brushless with 13T pinion

This setup , coupled with a 6S2650 Zippy Flightmax Lipo battery gave me plenty of power for 3D manuovers and a good 5 mins flight! The heli seems more stable than a 450 sized one. I have more time to correct my inverted hover. As I haven't had too many flights on this heli yet, plus I am 'running it in' currently, I haven't been able to do the other harder 3D moves like tic-toe, stationary rolls, flips yet.... but soon.... :)

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