Monday, February 2, 2009

T-Rex 250 - Not so easy to get it flying properly!

Sigh, I think I am getting more and more frustrated with my T-Rex250 heli now....
So far, i haven't been really getting too much fun flying it. And here's why:

1) Somehow, i am not getting a lot of lift on it. Even though i am getting -11 0 +11 on pitch, somehow, my pitch stick has to be wayyyy up to get the heli to lift off the ground! WTF???

2) Had a couple of crash already and all due to stupid tail problem... Somehow, the tail will 'lose it' somewhere during the middle of a flight. I mean, it started out holding well, but after a short flight, the tail will simply lose it's hold and start going wild. The next thing is.... crash.... to the ground...
I have even went to extend of changing the tail hub to the new unit but it seems to be even worse! I have also change the tail servo, after reading from forums that the stock tail servo is not as good, but that does not seem to fix the problem either! WTF???

3) The parts are really tiny and small! Repair is sometimes impossible with those tiny stupid hex screws which are only 0.9mm sizes! And to make matters worse, my stock hex wrench seems to have 'worn off' - i can't seem to tighten/loosen those small hex screws properly now! WTF???

4) Due to some wear and tear, those tiny hex screws now cannot seemed to be able to be removed.... some of my parts are stuck and cannot be removed now! WTF???

Just on Sat, i have crashed it again, due to lose of tail control, as usual! This time, the crash is not as bad as previous but i have yet to see if i can remove those damaged parts properly as i fear the small hex screws holding those parts might have been worn out making it impossible to remove... (fingers crossed!)

Hmmm..... i think i will stick with my 450-sized helis instead.... perhaps time to put the T-250 up for sale.... :(

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